Our Story

Hi. We’re Matt + Aubrey.

We’re husband and wife. We're high school sweethearts and fitness fanatics. One of us likes to make food. Both of us like to enjoy food. We founded Halo + Cleaver because we care deeply both about how food tastes and how it affects our health. And we care about making sure that good-tasting, better-for-you options are available to our friends, families, and others who value the same things.

Noticing the lack of good-tasting sauces that also make sense from a macros perspective, we created our own line of sauces—and, soon after, seasonings—that use only ingredients we feel good about and that taste great, too. That’s where the name Halo + Cleaver came from: we’ve kept the good ingredients, added some great ones, and cut out the bad. Using only simple ingredients that you can pronounce, we’re excited to share our products with our family, our friends, and now with you.


When you’re part of a family of competitive pitmasters, you know sauces and dry rubs. Growing up, I (Matt here!) spent many summer days behind the smoker with my family, the Blazin’ Blues BBQ team. I was surrounded by the best chicken, ribs, brisket, and pork the world has to offer, and I learned two elements of every delicious bite: savory sauces and seasonings.

I parlayed my love for foods into a career making sauces and dressings for national restaurant chains and convenience stores, mastering the intricacies of ingredients and the finesse of formulation.

While on the BBQ circuit, and then again in my work, I noticed that most of the sauces and seasonings found in stores and at restaurants are loaded with unhealthy and undesirable ingredients like sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. We use condiments on almost everything we eat—and sometimes they’re the only way our friends and family members can get their kids to eat—but they’re also a major source of hidden, unnecessary calories in our diets. We decided to change that.


As I started paying more attention to my fitness and the macros in the foods I ate, I began to use better-for-you ingredients, like green banana flour, to create condiments that make great food taste even better. Our sauces are Paleo and keto-friendly, and, most importantly for those of you who are parents, kid-approved. So, whether you’re seeking to eliminate sugar, go gluten-free, or just make a healthier choice for your family, Halo + Cleaver makes it possible to enjoy your favorite foods, be it barbecue or chicken fingers, grilled veggies or salads—without compromising taste or your nutritional goals.

So that’s the story of Halo + Cleaver. Or at least the beginning. We’re excited to introduce our sauces and seasonings and look forward to adding more good soon. Thanks for stopping by! 


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