Pork Medallions with Apple BBQ Sauce

You will flip over the simplicity and elegance of this low sugar/full flavor sauce for spice crusted pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloin is a low fat, tender cut that cooks quickly and is a perfect canvas for a spice rub. Dust the pieces of pork with this spice blend, then pan sauté. Transfer the meat to the oven while you make the sauce. Halo+Cleaver Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce brings layers of flavor that lets you short cut the prep for a sauce that tastes chef made.

Quick and Easy Sauce for Pork Tenderloin

Some of those spices have been left behind in the sauté pan, and we need to incororate them into the sauce. Pour 1/2 cup apple juice into the pan and deglaze the pan, by scraping up all the brown, toasty bits left behind. (Pro tip: you will be also be making clean up a snap!) Then add Halo+Cleaver Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce and simmer until reduced slightly - less than 5 minutes! Cut cold butter into small bits and whisk into the sauce. This will mellow out the heat from the spices and make the sauce extra creamy. 
Just return the pork to the pan and spoon the sauce over, simmering for two minutes more. Garnish with fresh herbs and Voila! - now you're a chef!  
Bottle of Halo+Cleaver Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce
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